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Year 12 Work Experience

Hi, I’m a current Year 12 student studying A level Biology, Psychology and Criminology at a sixth from, and am currently doing research on what university I’d like to go to and what course, and I landed on Biomedical Science with the hopes of being a forensic investigator. I am now researching Year 12 Programmes that would help me get into this course, does anyone have any recommendations because I’m struggling to find any, thanks.
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You dont need 'relevant work experience' for Biomed.
It wont make any difference to your UCAS application.

Just do something/anything that gets you out of you current comfort-zone, and gets you used to talking to and dealing with different sorts of people - because you will need these skills whatever job you end up in.

What will impress a Uni is reading/learning beyond your current A level syllabus - have a look at these Moocs (short free online Uni level courses) -
etc etc

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