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History Dissertation On Monarchy/Royal Image - good idea/advice?

Third year history student. I think I'd like to do my dissertation on something relating to the British Royal Family in the early 20th century. Some ideas include focusing on state events (eg. Royal funerals, coronations, etc) and their impact on various aspects or the depictions of the royals in the 1920s/30s (interwar) and the extent to which they were actually as 'middle class' as they may have wanted to have been portrayed or if that was even the intent as the monarchy ultimately managed to survive while others fell.

I'd be hoping to utilise media-related primary sources - eg. magazines, newsreels, merchandise, etc - as these are mediums I am quite comfortable with.

Does this seem like a reasonable idea? Can anyone offer any advice? What could other potential arguments be to analyse/look at?

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