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In the future, should parents be able to choose the sex of their children?

Sex and gender have been two prevalent controversial issues in society. Parents should not be presented with the opportunity to choose their child's sex. Although the status quo upholds multifarious opinions, there is a clear distinction between gender and sex. Sex refers to the physical and physiological characteristics of females and males, whilst gender refers to the socially constructed characteristics. Therefore, the premise is not accurate as sex is based on physical characteristics such as reproductive organs. Hence, the moral issue of whether the child's sex should be determined by their parents albeit being deduced by biological factors is raised. Modern Western society has adopted more 'liberal' ideals, believing gender is a social construct. Letting the child choose their gender, ensures total liberation from the state-enhancing anatomy.

Based on religion, the sex of a child is inherent. The child is born and formed with a specific biological reproductive system. Prior to the child's birth, the development of ultrasounds has assisted in identifying the embryos' reproductive organs to determine the sex. Religion asserts that there are only two sexes- this concept can be dated back centuries. Arguably, religious families are less likely to succumb to conformity and pressure from contemporary society. This asserts the notion that the decision to choose the sex of their child is not determined. However, through parents choosing the sex of their children, the argument of gender modification is brought forward. Gender modification has been increasing in society as a result of Modern Western Society. Through the rebelling concept of 'liberation' from the state, the youth has succumbed to conformity.

Although parents should not choose the sex of their children, in later years they will gain autonomy which can result in their own moral decision-making. This increases the chances of them undergoing gender modification due to cultural implications.

Through the Modern Westernised concept of sex and gender, the chance of tyranny of majority occurring has increased. Parents being presented with an opportunity to choose the sex of their child can result in the tyranny of the majority of either sex. Gender superiority is likely to be asserted through the overpowerment of one sex.
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