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Are my grades sufficient for dentistry?

I have got 10 GCSEs, with the top 7 being A/A*s in all of the core subjects and other additional subjects, the other 3 are Bs.

Are my grades sufficient enough for dentistry and is it worth applying for?

Since I have heard a lot about dentistry being more competitive than medicine, due to the limited number of unis that offer the course and the type of applicants applying.

On the other hand, a lot of people say that although medicine is still tough to get into, yet you have a higher chance compared to dentistry applicants.

Yet, a career in dentistry seems get more work-life balance, you have set hours of work...etc. especially with the current NHS conditions.

Overall, my main goal is to get the highest chance of getting accepted into either of those courses, no matter what university it is.

At the end a doctor is a doctor, and a dentist is a dentist.

Therefore, what would you advice?

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