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opinions on laptops/tablets which will be good for med school/uni in general?

hi! basically the title. I need to get a new laptop or tablet over the summer as my current one is hugely hindering me in terms of being able to draw formulae and sketches/diagrams

what i'm thinking so far:
not apple (i own nothing else of the ecosystem, don't like the interface of it)
I either get a tablet to compliment my current laptop (acer swift 2), or a laptop/tablet thing that i can type and write/draw diagrams on.
nothing over 600
looking for secondhand ideas as well, so nothing too new
not too heavy, but not too delicate- would like this to last me the whole degree

any opinions/advice/reccomendations?
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have you seen the Galaxy Tab A9? I'm a medical student and I've seen quite a few people in lectures with these and I'm considering getting one as well. The pen is super nice to use but I haven't seen too many people use it with a keyboard so you'd have to investigate that a bit more

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