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Is it worth applying to an AAB uni for Law?

For context: I don't have predicted grades yet, but i got the equivalent of A*AA in my AS Levels. I wanted to apply to a university that had slightly lower entry requirements as a safety, but because Law is such a competitive degree, there's really not a lot of choice (as far as I've seen) for reputable unis that have entry requirements of under AAA. Is it worth applying to one anyway, or would I have more luck going through clearing if I didn't get into my top choices?
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If it's still a Russel Group then apply, I had the same predicted grades as you and I applied for Cardiff as a safety choice which gave me an offer of AAB (I ended up rejecting it because I got into my first choice uni - which I now hate ironically lol), unless you have 5 top unis which you'd be equally happy to go to and can't decide between then it won't hurt to make one of your choices a lower offer uni then you'll at least have a place somewhere on the course you want if worst comes to worst.
Hi there,

I am a law student at Coventry University and would like to use my university as an example.
So the entry requirements to study law here are BBB. However, despite the low but reasonable entry requirement, throughout your time at the university, you will receive a lot of support from our wonderful lecturers and will be given the opportunity to network with other solicitors and barristers.
I know an individual, who studied law at Coventry University and went off to work for the EU Commissions.

Nevertheless, there are other universities that have a low yet reasonable entry requirement, yet once you start studying on the course, the lecturers will equip you with the necessary skills to help you land a job at a law industry or any industry of your choice.
This is, also, because you won't just be studying law, you will be committing yourself to other things such as being a member of the law society, completing a work placement in your third year and then completing your final year afterwards (4th year), going abroad to study for a year or for the summer, completing a summer internship, or simply going on a trip abroad and seeing how, for example, contract law works in another jurisdiction etc.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Coventry University Student Ambassador

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