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I need help for my personal statement

I haven't done much stuff out of school and am wanting to do chem eng hopefully but this personal statment is hard.Just wondering what i can write to show i have problem solving skills other then my A-Level subjects. I generally do f all out of school and stay home, play games and be lazy. I understand that they don't want lazy people so i'm just wondering what i can put.

I have competed in the cambridge chemistry challenge and got bronze (copper?) with 1 mark off silver. I also did the UKMT challenge last year and got what ever the bronze/copper thing for that was.

I also like computers pc parts and all that but i don't think it's that relevant.

I like football and basic sports but this applies to everyone basically so nothing unique about that either

Should i just write i gained these skills from my A-Level Subjects or is that too lazy or is there something i can do quickly to put on my ps. I plan on reading a book about chemical engineering hopefully
If you want to demonstrate problem solving then it’s not about having a list of things in your PS. You should be talking about a specific problem that you’ve solved, the details of the problem, the approach you took to solving it, the outcome and anything that you would do differently. That’s 3-5 sentences in your PS about a specific problem which will add far more insight into your problem solving than a list of 4 or 5 activities.
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I almost forgot to say thanks for this

Appreciate the help!
In terms of problem solving, you could maybe talk an out something to do with the computers and pc parts etc and overcoming or finding the problem etc. in order for it to be the most efficient or whatever (as chem eng is about efficiency and finding the most suitable solution)

For the challenges and things I would say you should only write about them if you went and researched something mentioned in it afterwards or mention something you found interesting in one of the questions otherwise it looks like your just writing it down for the sake of (which yes is what you’re doing but you know they want pizzazz)
If you can’t really remember what came up I think the chemistry challenge from last year might be available online, as with the maths challenge. You could also get your teachers to mention these in your reference instead if you run out of characters or something

Hope this helps!

~From a fellow chem eng 2024 applicant
Hey :hello:

It can be tricky to write a personal statement however, the university mainly wants to know why you want to study your chosen degree and why you are passionate. Follow this link to find out do's and don'ts to writing a personal statement:

It is always great to include any work experience you have done and what it taught you. Springpod have great virtual work experience that you can complete in your own time and is recognised by many universities and employers. Also, it is worth noting that the work experience does not necessarily need to relate to your chosen degree as any work experience will teach you something and is better than doing none. Please follow this link to find out more about Springpod:

I hope this helps :thumbsup:

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