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Lost my keys in uni halls

I lost my keys today in my uni accomodation. I've only been in my room and the shared bathroom, so there's three possibilities: I left them in the shared bathroom, I left them in my room door (I have done that a few times in the past by accident) or they're somewhere in my room. I've already thoroughly searched my room and the bathroom and found nothing, so I'm worried that I left them in my front door or the bathroom and someone took them... They have my room number written on them, so I'm afraid that someone could have my keys and be able to find and break into my room whilst I'm asleep or outside.

Am I being paranoid? What should I do, considering my uni won't change the locks if there's no evidence my keys were stolen. Should I just wait and hope I find them or someone else does and returns them to me?
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Something so small can cause so much chaos. If there is an accommodation office check with them that no one has handed them in. Ask your neighbours, but be aware you don't know very much about them. Saying nothing may be a safer option as if you say something it can advertise your room is open 24/7 - give it a few days but start to act now.

Get someone you trust to look after your items of value if you need to go out (carry things like a passport / driving licence etc with you) Get an under door wedge to give you peace of mind at night while you sleep.

Report your keys 'stolen' if it's the easiest option - ring 101 and get a crime report number. Explain that you left the keys in your room door in a certain window of time and they have been removed by an unknown person. You have made all attempts to find who is responsible but without success.

Then go back to your Uni, give them the crime reference number and ask them to change your locks. Check on any content insurance to see if there is cover to change the door locks? You may have to pay your Uni to change the door locks if you have any problem getting a crime number.
Check on any room content insurance to see if there is cover for loss of keys?

Future ... Knowing you are an 'air head' is half the battle? Practice creating a methodical approach to life. Don't leave your address or room details with your keys (a bit like leaving the pin number with a card) Have a hanging place for keys and train yourself to get into a routine every time you enter the door, to check - keys out, keys hung up. Drastic but bomb proof is to wear your room 'key' 24/7 on a necklace. At least you are assured of getting back in.

Good luck - on a positive it is a quick job to change the locks.

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