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Rail Compatibility Advice for HP Proliant Servers

Hello Tech Students,
I recently purchased a Startech 25U rack, and while it's been mostly smooth sailing, I've hit a roadblock when it comes to finding compatible rails for my HP Proliant servers. The servers I have - HP Proliant DL160 G8 1U, DL380 G6 2U, and DL360P G8 - all have varying rail lengths, making it challenging to find the right fit.

For the DL160, I'm experimenting with Navepoint adjustable rails, and they seem to be working well so far. However, when it comes to the DL380, I'm leaning towards the Startech adjustable rails as I haven't found many alternatives that would suit my needs.

The real headache, though, is with the DL360P. There are HP rails available, but I'm unsure if they would be a correct fit. I think some reasonable good options could be from : please suggest which can be the one. Moreover, I'm puzzled about whether to go for friction-based or sliding rails. Considering the limited information available, I'm contemplating trying the Navepoint adjustable rails for the DL360P as well.

I'm reaching out to this knowledgeable community for any insights, experiences, or recommendations you might have regarding compatible rails for HP Proliant servers. Your expertise could save me from a considerable headache and ensure my servers are securely housed in the rack.

Please share your suggestions, advice, or any alternatives you might be aware of. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you.
If it's for a client, contact HP and get the rails from them. In that context it's not worth mucking about trying to save a few quid. Just get the job done quickly and professionally.
Get some cable management bars to do a proper job of keeping the cables tidy. And use velcro straps instead of cable ties for vertical cable drops, the rear of the cabinet etc.
Stick the UPS at the bottom of the cabinet. You don't want a top heavy cab.

If it's a hobby rack or you're the only person that will ever see it, you could get HP rails, or you could put the server(s) on sturdy shelves.

Make sure the power supply to the cabinet is properly rated.

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