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Treated unfairly at work

At work, I'm being treated differently than my teammates.

I never get any credit on the work I do. My teammates gets the credit all the time.

My teammates always has extra time off by working overtime, but I never get extra time even when I work longer than I should.

I've spoken to my boss about the way I feel, and they believe I'm treated the same when it's not true.

Even my teammates could see I wasn't being treated the same, one of them even spoke to my boss about this.

My boss organised a work event for my team, but I was excluded from the event because of "budget reasons". My teammates are all going apart from me.

I know I shouldn't compare other people to me and it's unhealthy - I know that.

I just don't understand what I did so wrong.
Your boss invited all of your team apart from you?! That’s really out of order.

Sometimes people just decide they don’t like you for the most random reasons. As hard as it probably is - I’d try and not take it personally.

Tbh I think you’re best off finding another job. You probably won’t change your bosses mind about you if you’ve done nothing wrong and can’t imagine it will be good for your self esteem to stay somewhere like that
Well we don't know what your boss thinks. but I'd prob just leave or at least start working to rule. I would go so far as describing that behaviour as workplace bullying and go over their heads with a complaint.
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