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Does my crush like me or is he just curious

So basically i joined a new maths class because I had some timetable clash with my other subjects and like the first week everyone in that new class is there Except for this one boy. In the second week, I see this boy turn around and look at me, btw I sit right at the back in that class, so he did it in the middle of the lesson.

I was quite weirded out that some random boy just did that then he turned around and looked at me again whilst packing up his things at the end of the lesson. I immediately started liking him because omg he was so pretty.

I don’t know if he turned around and looked at me because I was pretty it whether he turned around and looked at me as in who is this new girl in our class because everyone else saw me like a week before him but even then no one turned around and looked at me at all so yeah

I have two lessons with him so maths 1 and maths 2 in maths 2 I found out his seat was right in front of me and I was so shocked like omg yes thanks to my teacher for the seatin arrangement. Anyway I was talking to the guy next to me and my crush buts into the conversation at random and starts asking me a question even tho I never spoke to him.

Then one day I saw him at break and I stared at him whilst he was talking to his friends walking past him. He was like so basically I woke up at 9’ and then he gave me a 0.4 second eye contact and went to talk to his friend again, I gave him a proper death stare so he notices me and then he started looking at me too and forgot what he was about to say to his friend lol

Then the next day after that happened, the teacher was teaching us something and at a random time he just turned around and looked at me it was so strange and I like it when he does that but at the same time everyone can see that he does it because he sits right at the front so I hate that 😭

A week later I speak to the guy next to me again and he turned around and was like what did you say? Like he tried speaking to me twice. Omg a week after that this other guy who sat next to me raised his hand and whenever he does thag, my crush uses it as an excuse to turn around and look at me.

Then the next day we make eye contact and he goes to his seat but listen the best part yet. I got mad because he didn’t even turn around and look at me this time because it was hometime he just left and started walking away from school. Then he was walking on his way and then stopped turned around and searched for me and then once he saw me he turned back round and started walking home

Last lesson he turned around and looked at me too at the end of the lesson

I don’t know if he likes me what do u guys think
Bit of a strange one, but it seems he may be a bit jealous when the guy near you talks to you.
Just don't let this put you off your work.
Maybe play cool and see what he does, but don't wait too long as not sure if he is serious or playing a game.

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