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Whats they're problem?

I have a crush on someone. My crush is close to someone else, doing stuff to impress them which makes me jealous.

Whenever I'm talking to another guy, my crush gets really annoyed at me. They become very unkind deliberately making me jealous.

I don't know what they're problem is. I feel like I've lost "my crush" as they're with someone else.

I really like them, they're really talented...I actually thought we had something but I think my mind was playing tricks on me.

I met my crush first, I was the first person there before they got to know someone else.

I'm really broken and confused
any thoughts
Honestly by the sounds of it, it's probably better not to pursue things with this person if they're getting jealous over you having a simple conversation with any other guy - if they're being so unkind to you now I'd hate to think how controlling they'd be in a relationship when they're already treating you so negatively. Does he think he owns everyone? Move on from this person, you're just going to end up wasting time otherwise.

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