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best graduate schemes for marketing
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best graduate schemes for marketing

Choosing the best graduate scheme in marketing can depend on your specific interests, career goals, and the type of marketing you're interested in. Here are some well-known and reputable companies that offer competitive marketing graduate schemes:

Unilever: Unilever offers a marketing graduate scheme that provides opportunities to work on global brands and gain experience in various aspects of marketing.

Procter & Gamble: P&G's Marketing Graduate Program offers extensive training and hands-on experience in brand management, digital marketing, and market analysis.

L'Oréal: L'Oréal's marketing graduate scheme focuses on brand management, product development, and digital marketing. They often have opportunities in various sectors of the beauty industry.

Diageo: Diageo's marketing graduate program provides exposure to different aspects of marketing, including brand strategy, innovation, and consumer insights, within the beverage industry.

Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola offers marketing graduate programs that allow graduates to work on iconic brands and gain experience in areas like brand management and consumer engagement.

Google: Google's Associate Product Marketing Manager (APMM) Program is highly competitive but provides excellent opportunities to work on marketing strategies for Google products.

Remember, the best graduate scheme for you depends on your interests, skills, and the specific area of marketing you want to pursue. Research these companies thoroughly, understand their values and work culture, and tailor your applications to match what they are looking for in a candidate. Additionally, consider smaller or local companies that might offer unique and valuable experiences in marketing.

Good Luck!

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