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Pharmacology vs. Biochem?

Okay so currently im deciding between pharmacology and biochem and just today I was just talking to a teacher and he said "you want to do biochem? that's for people who usually don't get into med school" and he seemed kind of shocked because I do well in school

and now I don't know what to do. I know I want to do something in biological/life science but now I'm just confused. Pharmacology seems interesting as well, as I have looked into it so that might be good but I have heard it limits your options but the pay is better whereas for biochem i have heard that it just isn't that good

What does everyone think?
Biochemistry is ordinarily done by people who want to study biochemistry...

Your teacher seems out of touch.
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I am currently doing pharmacology. Most of the content is related to neuroscience e.g. how drugs act on the receptors to create a desired effect, pharmacokinetics, and physiology.
We also have to take certain biochem modules, biochem seems to be more related to protein structures, genetics, and perhaps metabolism in the body, which is also the foundation for pharmacology.
I wasn't sure if I should choose pharmacology or biochem in my high school as well. I think it might be helpful to take a look at the module information for phar and bioc in university official page and perhaps their possible careers, and decide which one u like more. Hope it helps.

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