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Leaving a job so soon

Hi everyone,

I started a new job on 1st September 2023 however my Manager lied in the interview. It seems that after I started that I found out there are no benefits. I dont actually work for the company however I am seeing as an outsourced staff member. The department has about 23 employees and when I walk into the office and I greet others, no one will greet but will greet my Manager who is next to me ( I was a Personal Assistant to the Manager). The same thing would happen when it is time to go home. Im not sure if I am just being petty? Every day the Manager would come in moody and agressive. He did not provide me with training and expected me to handle things myself including product knowledge and how to use the different systems. If he gets frustrated and wants answers from me, he would start banging my desk demanding answers and I would become scared. On Fridays his happy because its the weekend coming up, then he would be happy and jolly and expect the same thing from me. Him and all the other people in the department have a different native language to mine. I only understand theirs to a certain extent. Last week, one of the ladies asked him if I dont know how to talk and all he said to her is that "shes crazy". The reason why I kept to myself is because when i speak, no one speaks back or they look the other way. On Monday before he left work, he hit me quite hard on my back because I send him his weekly diary on a Sunday evening (as per his request). He mentioned that he now does not want me to send it to him on a Sunday but on a Friday. My mum was diagnosed with cancer last year, she has been for her treatment and we noticed that she needs more treatment for fluid retention. I am her only caregiver as my brother passed away a decade ago and my dad passed a year ago. Im the only person around to take her for treatment. When I told my Manager, he said it wont work out so.... I left. Did I do the right thing? I feel like ive been bullied and was in a toxic environment until everything built up. At the same time, i feel like a weak person and a failure for leaving without having another job. My partner says that I should of stuck it out until my Christmas pay so that he can take the money and some how I feel guilty for leaving.Others who work in different departments say they could see that he was bullying me. Ah I dont know where to go from here,being jobless and feeling hopeless

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