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Are BN(O) Visa holders eligible for the Postgraduate Doctoral Loan?

I came to the UK from Hong Kong via the British National (Overseas) Visa scheme, the visa allows me to live, work and study in the UK, I am interested in pursuing a PhD study in the UK but I am not sure if I am eligible for applying the Postgraduate Doctoral Loan?
Hi Krissy.Lam,

An individual cannot be eligible for student finance based on holding a HKBN(O) visa alone as there is currently no student support category in the regulations for this.

As things stand, an individual who holds a HKBN(O) visa (and their dependants) may qualify for student finance once they meet the eligibility requirements for an existing student support category. E.g. they have settled status in the UK or become a family member of a settled person in the UK and meet the residence requirements of those categories.


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