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Supporting application - details entered to not match

We are attempting to support our child's application for finance and when we get to linking we keep getting the same message that details entered to not match.

We have checked and checked again that they match exactly what she used to apply with, we even get past the first conformation screen where you only put in the CRN and relationship (it finds her). On the second screen that re-asks for CRN and DOB It tells us it does not match the details given and sends us to the exit screen.

We have previously supported our son's application and are using the same accounts sop we at least know they are working as should be.

Are we going to be stuck having to have our child upload the PFF2 or is there a solution? The Student Finance
portal still being in BETA after we first used it 6 years ago is a bit of a red flag that it's just not well designed for this.

Any suggestions would be apricated. Thanks
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Hi Tobyak,

If you are having issues trying to support the students application on your online account then I would need to advise you to complete the PFF2 form. I will leave a link below for the 2024/25 PFF2 form and this can be uploaded from the students online account.

Thanks, Drew

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