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Is this right?

On my course we each had to do a presentation. Someone on my course was not there during the whole session.

I listened to everyone's presentation, I felt nervous and actually excited to present.

I thought, I would be the next person to present to the group.

However the person who was missed the whole session, turned up and the tutor allowed that person to go before me. They gave no explanation why they were late or anything.

The thing that angered me the most, I was not able to present during the session as there was not enough time for me to present.

The tutor praised everyone for doing their presentation apart from me.

I was there during the whole session and gave feedback to the team.

But someone just skipped the whole session and missed everyone's presentation and yet they still got praised.

Is this right?
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Maybe the latecomer had already spoken to the lecturer about their situation. Just because you didn't hear an explanation doesn't mean there wasn't one given, and why do you think it's any of your concern?

Are you doing your presentation on another occasion?

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