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The guy I met on tinder is non stop making bad jokes

I have met a guy on tinder and after some dates I start to see things that are weird that make me feel sad (?) and I think it has to be some pathological thing or maybe it’s me being too sensitive. He’s very intelligent and sometimes I have thought he’s a bit crazy because of his massive studying.

Example: after having sex he starts joking saying things like “it’s normal to have tinder people have to spread their love blabla” and I feel bad because I feel it’s not time for these jokes. He continues making them and saying nonsense for a long time.
The other day I told him I have a friend who is a judge and he went “Wow imagine dating a judge girl, that must be wowww”
Am I crazy or he’s trying to annoy me all the time? When I get upset he never apologises he just says I get annoyed easily.
He has some deliriums sometimes and starts non stop joking (some of bad taste) which make me feel bad or upset. Later, somehow I see he is like that and it’s not personal, he just can’t stop saying stupidities.
What’s this?

These are two different situations in different days, the rest he’s ok but god he’s so tiring with jokes…
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Tell him you're not comfortable with what he says. Then you have 2 options; give it time and see if things improve or carry on the conversation by ending it with him. It really is that simple.
Hahah this guy sounds weird and random. I think give it some time and see what happens. If thats me, I would be a little annoyed and just don't bother to reply back or just act uninterested

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