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issues (??) in my relationship

Me and my boyfriend first started going out on Monday the 27th of November. He still talks about other girls, we work together on a Wednesday as well and there's another girl there I get on with a bit and she said she found me and my boyfriend really attractive.

Apparently, before he had met me he had been flirting with her a bit. Anyway that part aside we both added her on Instagram because she had invited us to her birthday party this Saturday. She followed me and him and accepted his follow request. She hasn't accepted mine yet. Apparently, they've also been talking since last night when she added us both. When she was adding my boyfriend she went oh that's my mum's maiden name and made a joke about it. Turns out they're second cousins (they found out last night while we were all working together.)

He kept talking about her though and I said "yeah she seems nice, she's very pretty as well" and he replied with "I wouldn't be inclined to disagree with that statement." Like hello?? Why are you telling me this? He talks about the girls he finds pretty at his other job as well and then keeps saying "If we break up I still want to be friends with you." "Keep imagining a life with us because even if we're just friends I'd love to all of that with you anyway."

It might be all in my head, he's told his family about me, I've met his dad, he's told all of his friends about me as well. He's one of the nicest guys I've met but my biggest fear is being cheatd on and I'm so scared he is pretending to like me. Like the whole thing could be him dating me for a joke. He says he loves me and things like that and I really feel that way about him but I'm just so scared. He's supportive of me and my life as well, but I don't know.

Maybe he's just making honest mistakes and not realising they're mistakes but how do I even ask him to stop talking about that with me? I don't want to seem like a controlling girlfriend or anything.

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