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I've never had a boyfriend before. I'm gonna be honest: I'm not interested in relationships because most men my age are not genuine and I'm a Christian. I'm an Empath so men often take advantage of my kindness and want to take advantage of me by stalking me. What should I do?
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dont show guys ur caring side unless u fully trust them, or know they're nice ppl
i used to have the same problem until i had a lil self realisation moment where i was like only ppl that deserve it should see my sweet side, yh im still generally nice to everyone but if a guy is weird or says something off to me i'll confront him (even tho im the least confrontational person) or i'll litch just say something of matching stupidness back/turn it into something light
for example a guy ik in skl was like to me im an entitled princess (bcs i choose to stay behind in my free periods to study), and i just sed back to him well a princess i am, and i guess a girls gotta do what shes gotta do innit, whats ur problem?
guys are weird. if they try stalk u make it known to them that 1. ur too god for them and 2. u know ur worth and ur not afraid to stand up for yourself
hope this helps xx
Always trust your gut instinct and stick to your dealbreakers. :smile:

If you are not interested in dating and having a relationship or have other ambitions that you need to achieve before looking for a potential partner with the potential for marriage- that's fine.

There are lots of guys who are dishonest or perverted and want to collect explicit pics from as many girls as possible.
There are lots of problem daters and creepy weirdos lurking around the dating world .
Particularly with online dating sites.
The same problems also occur on many Christian dating sites and other religious 'dating for marriage' sites.

Good luck!
You need to find someone trustworthy. Don't open up and watch the red flags that appear.

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