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A teens questions about their Penis .

Hi. I am a Teen 14 years old and my penis is around 6 inches long(erect). My foreskin can be pulled back when erect but it is quite tough and hard to pull compared to when flaccid it is easy to pull back - is this a problem. Also when I pull my foreskin back it feels like all the blood rushes to the head of my Penis and almost like it’s gonna burst(doesent hurt just uncomfortable). Also is it normally that my penis head is sensitive dry but not very sensitive when wet because I can’t touch it when it’s wet but when’s it’s try it’s very tingly and sensitive.

Just one more question For all of the adult men who may be reading this. When did your penis stop growing and when do you think you mainly saw a lot of growth as I know 6 inches is around average but being 14 will it grow any further.

Just to mention I think this effect penis growth but I am an overweight kid but with a good muscle mass(still fat though). But I am aware of a fat pad covering my penis - whenever I measure should I be pushing that fat pad down and measuring because that’s what I did to get 6 inches. I am amware that to look the 6 inches I need to reduce my fat so that fat pad is less visible but yes.

Thanks for your time, hope to hear some responses.

Also is it just me or does the penis head real really wierd like not in a health problem way for me just in general. Because I only properly touched my head this week with my foreskin peeled back.
Sorry if it sounds weird that a 14 yr old is asking this- for some reason it’s now a common topic between teens.

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