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Masters after BSc Finance for AM role


I am currently studying BSc Finance at Uni of Bristol, finishing summer 2024, and have realised that this won't be enough to get into any high finance role (after applying to numerous grad schemes). Ideally, I want to break into an investment role. Will taking a masters improve my chances?

I can't drop £30k+ on a masters so have been looking at uni's such as Bristol, Bath, Kings and Birmingham. I am not sure whether to take a masters in Finance, Econ and Finance or try to strengthen my quant skills with a mathematical finance masters.

Any comments, advice or suggestions of masters or even suggestions of other things to do next year are welcome.
To be honest, getting an MSc Finance at a similar caliber (or lower) after already having done an undergraduate in finance, is unlikely to boost your odds at landing an investment analyst grad role - beyond simply giving you just another year to apply.

The main ways to boost your chances is to either do a master's somewhere better (which you've said you can't afford), or pursue a more quantitative path like a mathematical finance master's (though it's likely this would still need to be at a decent uni).

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