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Spiritual knowledge, karma, law of attraction

You attract who you are, thoughts attract things
You get what you give
Put back into it
Don't take
Change your beliefs


Work hard

Who you are
How you live


Have gratitude


How you live, who you are in this life, you´ll attract, also depends on what you need to experience, what lessons you have to learn, balance

Work (respect, honour, service, give your best)
Money(respect, budget, save, do not be frivolous, take out too much credit, do not give out too much, keep promises, pay bills on time)

Love (love yourself, respect the other gender, appreciate, do not condense, undermine, give love)

Health (respect your body, eat right, sleep right, exercise, nice attitude towards others )

Friends(be friendly, have humanity)

Looks (everyday, respect, diet, rest, exercise, respect others, attitude, genuine, no judgement)

How you view and treat others

Have respect for everyone and everything,

Bad karma is passion, great endeavour, deadly sins, anger, resentment, bad thoughts towards others, disrespect, pettiness, negativity
Don't ruin anyone's dignity

Balance, harmony, peace
Cleanliness, austerity
All virtuous
Good conduct

Don´t keep taking
Waste no time

Read law of attraction, Seth, ponder, many many others

Buddhism principles

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