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Should I do it??

Hey all so I had an interview today for a data analyst internship with tech way placements. They've offered me it for 3 months but have to pay £395 to do it. She said that it a minimum of 10 hrs a week and I'll have a tutor who'll send me work to do and give me a deadline to do it. She didn't say which company I'll be working for or tell me exactly what I'll be doing like which programming language I'll be using. But she said that help me get a job at the end of it. Iv been unemployed for a yr now but iv just started doing a web development volunteering job with a company called take back your mind but it's not guaranteed that I'll get a job out of it either. So should I do it or not?? Or just carry on doing this volunteering job or not?? Iv done internships before but didn't get a job out of it. Has anyone here done it before and can tell me what it's like??
Not going to lie, sounds like a scam

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