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Did this girl have a crush on me?

keya=girl i’m curious ab
sam=Keyas friend
couple school years ago keyas friends (sam wasn’t there) would always say that i had a crush on keya when i didn’t even know her.

i saw keyra again couple years later. Here is story:
2 random guys sat next to me & played board games. They asked if i wanted to play but i decided not too and Sam would sometimes join them. on picture day, i was in line to get in the building & noticed how Keya and Sam were out of the line then i saw them go behind me in line. When i go inside there was another line & when i was about to take a photo, Keya got out of the line & was staring right me while smiling.

I glanced back & she continued staring. I glanced again and she looked away and ran her finger over her hair if that means anything. I got nervous and got up & was about to go, the camera man told me to sit down & that he wasn’t done yet.

i got to class & my aquitance randomly asked “if everything was alright” i said yeah.(i think she spoke to him?) also after this he would say how i get girls. A day after that weirdly,One of sams friends sat at my seat so i moved seats & keya decided to join sam with others playing board games.

3 months later I’m walking to school without realizing she was walking infront of me (facing my direction and walking other way) and i was staring off too space at her and she was smiling like this 😃.

Another time i saw her face faced down at her desk while seated and i was standing far & i glance at her for a sec & see she already has her eye looking up at me. She could be spacing off but it’s a weird way too. Just wondering if she like me or not
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another thing i forgot she would say to her friends how she wanted to talk to more quiet people (im a quiet person)

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