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Unite Students Replacement Tenancy


I’m a student that’s going to be a replacement tenant for somebody who’s currently living in a Unite Students accommodation

Their tenancy started on the 23/09/23 and will end on the 22/06/24.

From what I’ve seen online it states that a new contract is formed with the replacement tenant when the original tenant moves out

I wanted to ask, would I be living in the accommodation until the 22/06/24 just like the original tenant or will I have to live for another 8 months and 4 weeks

Because I was under the impression that I’d only be staying until the 22/06/24 just like the original tenant

And my final question is that, if in the case that I do stay until the 22/06/24 like the original tenant do I then have the option to pay the remaining balances in 7 instalment's until the end of that date just like the original tenant?

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