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Moving sixth forms but scared ab english

I really want to move back to my old sixth form. The one ive moved to i hate for various reasons, the number one reason is that im really struggling mentally in this sixth form and want to move to be back with one of my friends. However it is december. I feel it is too late but even then i do not mind. I take sociology and psychology which are not hard to switch, it would most likely be the same content however english is the one holding me back from moving. Ive already started four books and if i move i fear that i will have to restart in january with new books and will be terribly behind. I really really want to move, im in constant pain and depression here its to the point where i need to move. But english is realpy atopping me from doing so
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Sorry to hear this, you do seem really unhappy.

Is there nobody you have been able to click with or not made any friends at your current sixth form or join clubs/sports to maybe make it easier.

If you are this unhappy long term you might not do well in your current sixth form.

Have you spoken to your previous sixth form about moving back, the books and various concerns. You might be playing catch up but hopefully you can realistically catch up. Is it a possibility that it might be the same exam board or even one or possibly more of the current books you have read on their syllabus.

I think you should have a chat with the head of sixth form at the other school, maybe your parents and with that information maybe you will be more able to make a decision.

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