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Should I worry about my law exam?

I am in my first year of university, studying Politics, Journalism, and Law. I only took the law modules to make up the 120 credits for this year, and I have zero background knowledge or interest in law.
I have only attended around a third of the lectures for the law module this semester, and have only just started to revise literally a week before the exam which is worth 50% of this semester's grade. What is the bare minimum amount of revision I can get away with?
I'm only aiming to finish the law modules this year with the 40% I need to pass first year as I really don't care about studying law further.

- keeping in mind this exam will is only worth 50% of this semesters grade, and I think the assignment I have already completed (worth the other 50% of this semesters grade) should hopefully be at least 40%.

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