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How to be a lawyer in Australia!!! UK degree or Aus degree?!

I am recently in my 2nd year of law degree and for the third year, my Uni offers the pathway of either completing my last year in the UK or Aus. I'd prefer to go to Aus. However, this raised quite some problems.

1) The partnering university is in Perth but I prefer to live in the NSW. Is that possible for me to transfer halfway? I did some research and found out that WA and NSW are different territories and therefore have different rules and regulations. So I would like to know if it is possible to transfer halfway.

2)What if I completed my degree in the UK and practiced in Aus? Correct me if I am wrong. I would need to apply for the assessment to determine the eligibility and then I need to take the PLT course. Upon completion, I can practice as a lawyer in Aus. Is this possible? Or it would be encouraged that I complete my degree in AUS rather than in the UK.
Also, do I have to take IELTS if I complete my studies in the UK?

Please help, I feel so miserable. TT

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