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Mature student cough 42

Hello I have applied for Lincoln University to study Computer science, I cannot remember if or what GCSEs I got many year's ago. I have good knowledge of the subject and did get my boss who is a Doctor I work with to do my reference but I'm not sure if i will get accepted or not. Any advice.
Also does anyone commute to and from university, And if so how do you find this?
Thanks in advance ☺️

It will really depend on what the universities entry requirements are and what experience you have, have a look at the course entry requirements to give you more of an idea. Don't let being a mature student worry you though, that won't go against you. If for whatever reason you don't meet the entry criteria you could always look at an access course or a foundation year.

I commute to uni as I am also a mature student, and I haven't had any problems at all, I get along well with the rest of the class and really enjoy my time at uni. If you have any other questions about being a mature student I am happy to help.

Good luck!

Wrexham Uni Rep
I commute but to be fair its not that big a journey its the traffic that kills it for me. Im a mature student I'm in my first year and turned 44 just after I started. Good luck!

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