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Midwifery course at Universities

Hi, I've got a offer from LSBU, King's and Greenwich so far and am waiting on city. But I'm still unsure which one to accept. I know kings has a good reputation but stats from students show greenwich us far better than studying midwifery at King's. Can you share your experience and where you think I'd best to go?
Hi, I have a similar problem. LSBU and City are way easier for me to get to. Still, I got an offer from Kingston and in my head (from rankings and opinions from other people) this is the best option in London, especially since their placement options are also excellent. I can't decide if it is worth travelling/moving for 3 years or should I go to my second, or third choice, as I don't know anything about them.

I had a chance to work in a hospital with student midwives from Kings and Greenwich who were all happy with their studies. However, there will always be some complaints regarding organisation, workload and support. From my understanding and observation from a practical viewpoint Kings' students often are more focused on the academic level, they had more assignments and research through the course, where more Greenwich students seemed to have bigger knowledge gaps at the beginning of their placements. I met a lot of Greenwich students who absolutely loved it there and they highly recommend it but I just don't think it is any better than Kings. If I were going to choose between Greenwich and Kings, personally I think I would feel better with Kings, based on meeting and talking to midwives from both courses, and it's just closer to London. But people are different and I guess each cohort will be totally different so we all have to decide what's better for us.

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