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depressed because of a levels

Currently studying Economics, Business Studies, and Accounting at A-Level. This was not the combination I desired. I initially wanted to study Economics, Computer Science, and Mathematics, to be able to study Computer Science at a university, but I was not allowed to because I had to study additional maths for my gcses, which I didn't do. Fast forward, I felt depressed and felt helpless. Recently, I chose to start working harder during the holidays to get a good start at my last year of highschool next year. Now, I'm trying to at least be able to study Business Management at a university or something similar. I noticed that most, if not all, top unis have mathematics at a level as a requirement. This devastated me even further since not studying maths already made feel like a failure, and now the unis I wanted to go to do not even want my combination. What's worse? I don't even like accounting or business studies. I force myself to like these two and only did so to get through highschool. i can't imagine what working in this field will be like. I'll probably have a mental breakdown at least once. Anyone going through this as well or it's just me?
If your looking at the very top unis then yes math will likely be a requirement but there are many red brick universities that don’t require it such university of Birmingham it’s very good university but entry requirements are a bit high without core maths

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