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Hi, I'm around half way through my EPQ but I can't figure out how to word my topic into a title or even where to start as the information from my teacher has not helped with it.

I am focusing on comparing the social reactions to Spanish Flu to Covid but I'm not sure how to make it something that I can evaluate and discuss in a comparison and then how to make that into a title.

Any help or advice would be really appreciated.
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The title could be something like: Echoes of Pandemics: A Comparative Analysis of Social Responses to the Spanish Flu and COVID-19 in Historical Perspective. Although that is really long so maybe something like: Examining Social Responses: Spanish Flu vs. COVID-19 Pandemics” as for how to evaluate and discuss this im not so sure but maybe just make a skeleton or list of everything you want to write about and then try and section them into topics/chapters etc. hope that helps 🙂

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