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Uni of surrey part time jobs, life hacks etc

I visited uni of surrey, and i got an offer from them. They're my first choice as i just liked the campus and its close to home which is convenient. I was going to visit the town centre and check it out but i couldnt find any parking so sadly i had to turn around.

I just had some quick questions:

Where do people find part time jobs? Which shops seem the most popular and when did people apply for these jobs?

How early would people recommend to get to their lectures especially for the first month as i heard it can get quite crowded(im hoping to do comp sci).

Is going out to london a common night out bc i heard its less than an hour by train or do most people go to town?
Hi @Anonymous #1,

Congratulations on your Comp Sci offer from Surrey!

In regards to your question:

There are multiple ways to find part-time jobs here at Surrey. One of the ways is via Surrey Unitemps, which is an employment recruitment agency that posts jobs locally. You can find various jobs posted by the Student’s Union website too and you can also become a Student Ambassador (like me!).

Shops in the local area, like the town centre, are also popular and you can find their vacancies published online. Sometimes they post their vacancy at their shop window or you can try directly asking them if you wish too. People apply to jobs throughout the year for various reasons however university student jobs tend to have their applications early on in the semester.

If you’d like to get your CV checked or do a mock interview, you can book an appointment with the Employability & Careers Team for free!

Some people come around 5-10 minutes before their lectures start. Although it’s best to come early to avoid being late, have a chance to meet your fellow course mates and find seats you like.

It’s not unusual for people to go to London for a night out since it’s only around a 40 minute train ride. There are students who commute from London too. However, the University of Surrey has its own club on campus called Rubix and the Basement, which are popular and regularly frequented amongst students. There are also clubs in town that students go to as well.

I hope that helps!

Best Regards,
Biomedical Science BSc (Hons)
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