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disclosing a disability

I have serious long-term cardiac issues. Due to surgeries and medications, i’m able to function completely normally. The only symptom I actually have on the daily basis is low blood pressure (so occasional fainting and nausea considering the “visible” stuff), which is a side effect of a medication. Some unis sent me forms to disclose my disabilities, should I put that in? I don’t think I need any support services as none of my symptoms are really debilitating. I’m sorry if this is a silly question but i’m international and really lost about this whole thing.
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It's up to you whether you disclose it or not, considering you don't think you'll need any support for it, but I still would if God forbid it gets worse later and you need to make mitigating circumstances requests. Much easier, lower evidential standard when it's in relation to a worsening of a declared condition that is not the result of just not taking your medication, or you find yourself in need of support later, you're already known the accessibility team.
I mean there's no harm in letting them know - if there are no reasonable adjustments to be made from their side it will just stop at that point. It won't disadvantage you in any way (it would be very illegal for them to discriminate against you in that way) so you don't need to worry about that.

Given that you do say you have "occasional fainting" it might be worth disclosing so you can have a discussion with them around that in case e.g. you need to be given adjustments to take breaks during a long exam or lecture or something to try and avoid that happening.
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There's no harm in disclosing it. The university's might be able to signpost you to certain areas of the campus or specific services that you can access, which could be of help to you. It will also be easier for you when applying for an extension, if you were to ever need them, as you would have already disclosed the information.

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