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romance drama (I would love non judgmental input :)

This is going to be a long and complicated topic, so if you do not like to read then this probably isn't for you.

I'm a sophomore in high school and I like a senior, I've liked him ever since freshmen year (for people in the UK I'm in North America, a different school system if you don't know, he is in his last year of required education and I have two years left. it goes for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and senior. in order.) I'll call this boy Watermelon, anyway me and watermelon met on the school bus last year, we could talk and sit by each other all the time, we ended up giving snaps and other media, and we quickly bonded and stayed up at night talking to each other, at some point we ended up having feelings for each other, we shared this through truth or dare but the situation was more complicated, I was dating someone, they were a friend and I was the reason they were, but my boyfriend at the time didn't treat me right, like tried to SA me( look it up if you do not know), ofc I never flirted with watermelon or cheated on my ex when me and him were together, after me and my ex broke up tho it started a long painful situationship, what I mean is I would get upset when watermelon would talk to other girls because he didnt talk to may, this would cause fights and we would also have disagreements ( not fights, idk how to put it) he would become distant and I would feel werid for asking why he was getting this way, he asured me time and time again everything was fine. something I did like was he would never say I love you back to me and he would rarely text it, anyway recently he hasn't been checking his phone (or a least for me) It winder break right now and I've gotten a total of 2 responses from him, I told him the Im done playing games, I don't believe he really wants to be with me and there is no point anyway because he is going into the air force after high school ( AKA may of next year) another thing he was my first love so it was hard to end things with him but there is this boy I'm friend with that I think I like (idk) but I know he likes me and I'm thinking about giving him a chance, It not gonna feel the same and I know that but Im sure if I don't move on things won't look too good for me.

(sorry about misspells, happy to clear confusion if needed)
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Concentrate on your education rather than boys, and don't get involved with someone you only 'think' you like for the sake of being in a relationship, certainly not when you are already comparing him to other guys you know!
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I think you should get to know the guy who likes you more before you decide to start a relationship with him.

Every relationship is different. You won't feel the same feelings and it is confusing, the way you love one person is different from the way you love another person and it is not a good thing to compare between them. Just like Surnia said.

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