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Are my A-Level choices good?

I'm currently in Y12 and I'm studying English Literature, History and Law for a Law degree. I've heard many people say that Law isn't a respected subject and that universities prefer you not to do the subject before the degree. However, I've spoken to my Law teacher and she told me that my combination is perfectly fine and that A level Law won't affect my chances of getting into a top uni, she said she has had students from her class admitted into top unis. Should I continue with Law or drop it and change it, and what should I substitute it with? Thanks in advance
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Hi there,

As long as your A-levels meet the requirements of the universities you apply for i.e., are relevant subjects and grade boundaries, then you will not be disadvantaged! As far as I'm aware your A-level choices meet any course requirements for a law degree so I wouldn't worry about having to drop or change it unless there is something else you would really like to do instead.

Universities are looking for students who are interested and dedicated to the course. Your choices of A-levels wont hold you back and as long as you put your best work in for the grade requirements you'll be fine! If you want to boost your application, I would recommend doing some reading or getting some experience to have something to talk about in your personal statement and interview and boost your personal development.

Good luck,
- Sophie (uni of Bath)

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