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Is it normal to not get your predicted grades 4 months before A-Levels?

My predicted grades are ABB, and I am currently midway though mocks having a crisis. I have about 4 months until A-Levels, and I feel like my revision isn't working in helping me remember content, and I am scared that 4 months isn't enough to get on track with my revision and improve my current grades.

In English I am predicted a B, and am currently working at roughly a C and have been for the entire year. I have gotten one D and one B.
In Psychology, I am predicted an A and have been getting mostly Cs, a couple of Bs and one A.
In law I am predicted an A but am aiming for a B. I usually get C's on assessments however in my last mock I got a D, and my revision has been really bad so I imagine I will get a D again.

So I mainly wanted to ask if this is normal for A-level students?
How do I get my grades to ABB?
Any revision techniques that work?
And I wanted to ask about revision timetables - how many hours of each subject should I be doing a week? (I have been aiming for an hour of law and psychology every day)

Literally any help is appreciated to help me calm down and work out a game plan to help me feel more hopeful.
The main thing is to find revision strategies that work for you.I think flash cards can be helpful or mind maps with the key information but focusing on the topics you dont know as well can make all the difference between ur grades. Practice papers and mark schemes are also helpful to look at and do at this stage in the year so u can see what the examiners are looking for.In terms of revision timetables it just depends how many topics u hv to cover/what extra time u hv.I think 1hr per subject a day is plenty plus the time u hv in school and extra hw which might be redivision based later on in the year and u could mabye do a little bit more at weekends but its important to get the balance
Take care and good luck

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