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Module Exam in 4 days

Got a Module exam in 4 days, I haven't been to any lectures and haven't looked at anything.
Am I cooked?
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You have to pull in 10-14 hour studying work days.

Do one hour sessions with 10 minute breaks, and then every 6 hours have a larger break between 40 minutes to 1 hour.

In the studying sessions you should make flashcards and try to memorise as much as possible from your lecture notes, make flashcards and drill them.

Alternate between writing flashcards and reviewing them in each study session.

Also after every 1/2 sessions move onto the next lecture even if you haven't finished reviewing all of the lecture slides, because knowing a little bit of everything is better than only knowing just one lecture out of the whole module.

This depends on what subject you're doing ofc, adjust for your own degree.
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This obviously depends on what you're studying but as the other reply has stated, it is best to know a little bit of everything than a whole lot about one thing. What I can suggest doing is to organise the work load, see what lectures you have to go through, list what topics they are, and then dedicate a slot of time for each one, being respectful of your own work times.

A quick burst of 30minutes studying here and there a day might suit you better than someone who does a 4 hour study session in one go, it really depends on what your study ethic is like. But in saying that make sure you reach a goal of time studied on that day and if the timer runs out move on to the next topic and see if that the end of all of them you have any time to go back.

Classically, make revision cards, write notes and then when you're done go back over and highlight them again and so on, what's important is calculating your time well and not completely over doing it for yourself, you don't want to burn yourself out before the exam.

Hope this helps, good luck!

Kind regards,
Katie (film graduate)
University of Wolverhampton

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