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Help with History Nea Coursework

Can someone please help me with my History coursework the question I am answering is “To what extent was the KKK the leading factor in the ******ation of Black Civil Rights”.
I need to find two historians I can consider in the question I have found one that argues the Plessey V. Ferguson case helped to worsen black civil rights and I want to find another that argues the KKK helped black civil rights by drawing attention to segregation. I have found a historian (David Mark Chalmers) but his book “backfire” just serves as an overview and doesn’t have any real analysis or substance to it. Can someone please help I’ve looked on JSTOR for sources and can’t find anything. If anyone can suggest an alternate historian or factor I would really appreciate it thank you.
You need to start with a solid foundation to begin your coursework. This means that you should only gather material that is relevant to your coursework title. You should ignore anyone that is intentionally trying to make you fail your coursework; because of the colour of your skin, nationality, intellect, strategic value, or previous personal grudges. You must understand that a person can feign the assistance of a particular ethnicity, social group, Faith or even an individual person they hate; purely so that the person submitting coursework, or attempting to attain a degree; is riddled with the dissatisfaction of failing to attain a Degree. That would be extremely psychologically rewarding to someone who intended that; within the KKK.

Black civil rights must be examined without bias; bias excision is important when examining trends within an ethnic community, and the difference between the animosity perceived between an 'in' and an 'out' group within a social construct. For example, you could have a case of racial hatred that was a personal attack; and not a racial attack. I could disarm your confidence for a long period of time by stating that your blue jeans are extremely offensive and ugly, only poor people and rapists wear those. That would be an example of an extreme psychological attack on someone I hate; to maximise psychological trauma in someone writing coursework. A way of alleviating psychological trauma from someone who has experienced racial prejudice, or that surpasses the trauma threshold of a critical (!!) category traumatic injury from a stimulus; is to unravel the traumatic experience of racist and classist hatred.

You may desire to discuss prominent figures such as Marting Luther King; Robert Henry Lawrence Jr., Malcolm X, the Black Panthers, your grandfather, your father, your mother, your grandmother, for example. You may wish to discuss what distinguishes racial hatred within a social construct and normal typical annoyances between a certain characterisation of a particular nation within the ethnic racial hatred that is perceived; but might just be against one person of colour; but not others. For example, everyone would agree that calling Peter Griffin a fat white marshmallow would be funny; and that they are a complete melt if Peter Griffin transitions into a homosexual Karen; the point is that, it was a personal attack, not a racial attack. It would not be racist to immediately insult someone because they are black in colour, and to insist that their skin colour is offensive. It would be racist to detain, torture, imprison, and deprive someone from their basic physiological needs and access to education, healthcare, socialising, and the ability to Mate; for example. To be racist and exert racial hatred, is entirely about the intent and motivation for the social exchange. It would only be racist to call Peter Griffin a Fat White Marshmallow if it clearly upsets Him in some way. Additionally, if you were to intentionally incite a hate crime against Peter Griffin in the workplace, and justify that because you desire 'black power', or 'black revenge', or 'black revolution against whites', it would go from a comical taunt to racism if you repeatedly refer to Peter Griffin as a Fat Marshmellow in a manner that prevents Him from completing his work e.g., bringing in marshmellows to work and throwing them at Peter Griffin, and telling him to eat the Marshmellows off the floor or risk a 'black power beating'. It would be an act of racial hatred and intentional genocide by extension, if you terminated Peter Griffin's contract of employment as a direct result of conduct due to racial prejudice. It would be extremely racist to throw Marshmellows at Peter Griffin if he is starving on the street and call him a 'Melt', as you casually walk past the Man; without having a personal reason for the insult i.e. an indirect revenge homicide that is not based on race.

If America were to lobotomise a large number of black people, falsely imprison a wide number of blacks for drug crimes they did not commit, in addition to chemical castration or surgical castration on the basis that the person was black; that would be an example of segregation as a form of genocide within a social construct. Segregation only exists to maintain genocide and prevent intellectuals, or people of perceived threat in socioeconomic status of colour; from being considered an equal in socioeconomic standing to someone of a different colour, nationality, or initial economic background in origin; even if they have clearly lost their non-classy roots in their individual character. The basis for segregation based on skin colour, class, perceived intelligence, aesthetic beauty, etc; is simply because it reduces the number of people that can gain access to high quality mates within a community or total population within a Nation to someone that is normally considered of exquisite socioeconomic value.

You need to consider unique perspectives in your coursework that would indicate an intimate understanding of a social construct; and the mechanisms that cause people to conduct extreme harm to a minority group; even when they did not deserve the genocide or homicide for pleasure based on race. I am confident for example, that it would be favourable to be racist towards hispanic males and deprive them of education and access to physiological needs in the United Kingdom, but **** their female *****es and Mate with them simultaneously for sadistic pleasure, for example.
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