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GCSE art edexcel

My art theme (edexcel i think…?) is power, and i really don’t know what to do :frown: I’m CRAZY behind on coursework, oh my god i ripped out half my book and idk what to do atp. My sculpture for coursework is disgustingly unfinished, and my teachers keep sending me emails about how it’s due in january, I KNOW 😭😭😭 I genuinely think this is my biggest GCSE regret, I want to revise not do some artist research on shamanism :frown: and what am I meant to do with ‘power’ ? I don’t want to make some generic portrait of myself or something, and usually i just make random stuff and give it a meaning, I didn’t think I needed to deep art this much 💀 what am i meant to do 😭 everything is going to shambles
I'm sorry you didn't get a response to your message. I just stumbled upon your post while trying to help a sibling decide whether to remark their art coursework.

I did my GCSEs a decade ago and here's the thing they're not even on my CV anymore. I didn't do great in Art because of a combination of large classes and crappy teachers. Heck I spent most classes doodling on scrap paper and having no clue what I was supposed to be doing. I spent a couple of years looking at that Art grade every time I wrote it on an internship application or my CV and I felt ashamed. Now, I sit and laugh at my old final pieces with my siblings what WAS I thinking?!

The point being, things work out. Your GCSEs seem like the be all and end all right now but they'll be replaced by new shiny grades in 2 years time. Then after that, new grades (if you go to Uni) and/or work experiences will push your GCSEs lower and lower on your CV until one day you find that no matter how much formatting you do, there's no longer room for them. All that hard work, gone.

Sure if you want to go to Uni, you need to do decently enough in your GCSEs for whatever course you choose. But if the worst happens, there will be opportunities to make up for it. Work hard, do your best, but don't burn yourself out worrying about them.

If there are any other gcses you could use some advice on, I'm happy to help.

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