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Jobs in data without a degree?

I recently joined a data engineering bootcamp with northcoders and am hoping to get a job after it ends by July (Primarily in data), but as I don't have a degree, was wondering what kind of jobs I should target with these prospects:

A levels (Maths,chem and physics at BCC),
GCSEs (Math, English, double science, psyc)

As far as work experience I worked last year part time in a clothes store and with coding, I'm new to it and currently learning basic java.

I am currently looking at roles such as "Data analyst", "Data entry", or "Python developer" But as most jobs I see of them need at least a bachelor's, I wonder if I am taking the right course (maybe change as there is a software development one instead).

Any recommendations on the jobs I should target would be appreciated, as I am really looking to get that job by July

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