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relationship advice help !!

okay guys I’ll make this short. I’m at uni for another 6 months and I’ve been on/off with a girl the past few years, the relationship has been somewhat romantic and physical until now, we aren’t bf/gf, we went out 2 years ago for 6 months and it didn’t work out but we never cut contact and have been doing stuff. She also happens to be my best friend here at uni, which complicates things further. Let’s call her girl #1. There is no future with girl #1 because of family/religious issues, so after uni idk how the relationship will be and it’s not like we can get married. There’s another girl , girl #2 let’s call her. She’s been in my classes for the past year and we’ve gotten along. She’s also objectively very attractive. She’s asked me out twice now and I haven’t really entertained it, but now I think my head been turned because I keep thinking about girl #2 and “what if I did go on the date”. I don’t want to ruin my relationship with girl #1 and I know she’ll be upset. Might I add, with girl #2 after 6 months she goes back to Spain and I may never see her again, but like I said I keep thinking about her. What do I do? Girl #1 is my best friend and I want her as my friend, but girl #2 I really can’t get out of my head.
umm if gurl 1 and u are friends and she thinks of u like that then there should be no problem with u being with gurl 2
and kinda random if u have 2 crushes go the 2nd one you wouldnt love the first one that much if u fell for the 2nd

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