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Architecture Universities no art portfolio

I did Maths, Bio and Geo in A level and got BBC. I have no art portfolio, which Universities can accept me?
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Maybe you could try do some sketches in your personal time, anything that shows your interest in the subject or related subjects will help.
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pretty much anywhere is gonna require some evidence that you can draw or make images in some way, because a huge part of the course is about being able to present your designs graphically
if you don't enjoy drawing or aren't yet good enough at it to make some presentable portfolio pieces by the deadline, maybe try doing some 3d modelling (either with physical materials like cardboard, or using software)
mine had some stuff from my art a-level but also a lot of observational sketches, some (very amateur) photography too - something that shows you can spatially understand and represent the world
To be frank - if you’re not able to produce a portfolio of design and creative work then you’re not suited to an architecture degree

Architecture is a design based degree and career. If putting together a portfolio is too much of a challenge then you should look at alternative degrees.
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Uni of leeds (Meng,Beng) doesn't require any art portfolios.If you have high score in math, it will be suitable for you. I don't think like above sayings. Technological abilities are much more important just than art. But, have a try some art works from now too. Then you will be perfect
As you have BBC, and you did Mathematics, so you should be ok without Art portfolio for some of the Universities.

However, if you do drawings in your spare time, especially doing Perpersive drawing, then great.

You mentioned "Geo" - is it Geography or Geomatrical Drawing? The latter - GREAT!
Original post by Tyni
I did Maths, Bio and Geo in A level and got BBC. I have no art portfolio, which Universities can accept me?

Hi there @Tyni, you can check out the entry requirements for a BA Architecture at Kingston University when scrolling down to the 'entry requirements' section. Most art and design undergraduate courses will require you to submit a portfolio around 15-20 pages long to showcase your enthusiasm, creativity and ability for the course, I highly recommend building one during your spare time 🙂

Zhi En
(Kingston Student Rep.)

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