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Are they taking advantage?

My younger sibling goes to uni and stays in halls of res. My sibling never responded to my families calls for several days.

I've personally tried calling thousands of times, texting and even emailed my sibling to make sure they were ok.

Thankfully my sibling is ok.

I feel hurt because my younger sibling only replied back to my other sibling and my parent, and not to me.

I've felt really stressed and anxious that something bad could've happened to them.

I feel my younger sibling is taking advantage of my vulnerability because I've been so worried for them.

I've not had any arguments with them, I don't understand what I did wrong apart from just caring for my sibling.

They're always making me feel bad for myself, like I'm a poison to them.

I generally feel hurt for my sibling not responding.

Should I stop caring?
When someone does not want to reply to your messages or has decided not to allow you any involvement in their life, there is nothing you can do to change their mind.
Don't take it personally or make a nuisance of yourself by pestering anyone who ignores you with dozens of calls and texts.

Your younger sibling is an adult and may want to take the opportunity of uni life away from home to reduce contact with relatives. That is their choice.
Move on with your own life.
Focus on having fun with the people who do reply to your messages and show that they enjoy spending time with you.

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