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EPQ please help me oh my god

EPQ ideas for a Classics and Law theme?
Genuinely frothing at the mouth for suggestions guys my supervisor is so scary
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think about what you’re passionate about within that field. it should be a question or a debate, id recommend mind maping everything you find interesting and seeing what comes from that.
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hi, i got an A in the end for my EPQ and i just wanted to share something. my advice is to not pick a topic just because you might be going into a that field. im doing law but my topic was literally "to what extent was the medellin cartel and pablo escobar a force for good for the people of colombia?" my mate is doing econ at uni and so he picked something to do with economics forgot what exactly but i know for a fact he hated it. choose something you are genuinely interested in because you have to be interested in it to research it happily and complete it happily, i actually enjoyed my EPQ cause i loved learning about my topic and i was able to find a way to link it to law which i then mentioned in my personal statement. so in summary pick something you are actually definitely going to enjoy, dont do something because its going to be related to ur career, ur gna get bored unless you are already super interested in the law (or classics) which i wasnt at the time of doing my epq

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