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Hello! I am applying for a leadership position at my school, and was wondering if this would be a strong enough application....? And if not could someone let me know where I should edit? Thank you!

" I am writing in regards to my interest in applying for a role of responsibility commencing in September 2024, as I believe that I would be an ideal candidate.

During the process of planning this application letter, there were three questions that occured to me that I had felt would be most important: ‘What do I believe is entailed in a leadership role?’, ‘Why am I applying for this role?’ and ‘What is it that I do that will make me best suitable for this position?’.

To me, a leader is an individual that requires a number of qualities, such as communication, teamwork, leadership, organisation and approachability, to name a few, each of which I feel that I have experience in. I believe that a leader has to have the ability to inspire those around them, giving equal importance to every student regardless of whether they are a Year 7 or one of their best friends. As a current L6 (Yr 12) student, I have received unimaginable levels of help and support from both my peers and teachers, and I aim to be able to go ‘the extra mile’ in return, and become a person that can offer guidance and support to the whole school community.

First and foremost, I recognise the importance, significance and demanding nature of this role. However, I am also aware of the reward and satisfaction that this role has, especially after hearing from the current U6 (Yr13), and I am excited and immensely look forward to the challenges that a position of leadership will bring, and the memories that will be made.

Nevertheless, over the 5 years that I have been at ~, I cannot say that it has been an easy ride. However, due to this, I have come to understand many things such as responsibility, hard work, commitment and confidence, and I firmly believe that enjoyment is a key element in the experience of school life. I have found that if you are content and happy in your working environment then you will naturally work harder and put more effort into both school work and extra-curricular activities. I would try my hardest to make sure that younger members of our school were able to enjoy themselves in an environment where they can flourish, and cultivate the best versions of themselves.

As a regular volunteer for the ~ , I have shown determination and communication skills, along with a desire to help and be readily available. I have been volunteering at the hospital for three months since November, as well as elsewhere in the year before. These include volunteering at a charity shop, at a primary school, and at a nursing home. I believe that I have improved my skills in these areas, especially in communication, teamwork and organisation through interacting with new people. I am confident that I could help as a Position of Leadership to similarly extend a hand of help to anyone who requires it, and I consider this beneficial to the school as the Positions of Leadership exists as a communication bridge between the staff and pupils.

Similarly, I have been described by my peers as an approachable, kind individual who is always open to discuss new ideas. As a part of the team of this year’s STEM representatives, we have been talking with other year groups through clubs and through the upcoming STEM fair. Therefore, I am also communicative with students from different age groups, which would allow me to get different views according to age and help them feel comfortable at school.
I have also participated in the most recent ~ Competition in November, where ~ joined with several other schools of similar age groups to produce a design for a space settlement within a given time range. Likewise, during my holiday in South Korea, I took part in the ~ Summer Camp where I met people from all over the world and formed a team to learn more about Korean culture. Through this experience, I further improved my communication and teamwork skills.
I am also familiar with the responsibilities of being a leader, due to being the leader for my local youth group and also of its band for the last two years. Being the leader admittedly does come with large responsibility, and stress, but I have successfully worked though each hurdle that came at me with my team, and I sincerely hope that I could do the same here at ~ as part of the Leadership team.

I firmly believe that I have what it takes to hold a place on the Leadership Team, and be part of a structure that can guide and become a bridge between the Lower Years, Sixth Form, and the Staff.

I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
~ "

(The random ~ is personal information that ive omitted)
Hi Julietta,

I've applied for a number of jobs in my time, and I've also conducted interviews and made hiring decisions in my current role, so I've got a bit of an insight on it from both side. I think that's a really strong introduction - it paints you as a mature and responsible person. The only other bits of advice I would give are this:

Firstly, put yourself in the shoes of the person hiring. It's important to see the task of hiring from their perspective and not just your own - after all, that's the way they'll be thinking. You've done this really well when you talk about "a communication bridge between the staff and pupils" - so see if you can apply it to the other paragraphs too.
What problems at school will this role solve for them? And what skills does the person need to do it? What could go wrong if the wrong person is hired - and how can you prove that you're the right person?

Secondly, don't be afraid to find out who's in charge of hiring for this role and have a chat with them about what it entails. It'll help you understand whether the role is right for you (so important!), it'll help you understand what they consider important so you can tailor your covering letter to suit it, and it'll build a personal relationship.

Hope that's of some help - and good luck! 🤞
Matthew (Yipiyap gap year rep)

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