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Advice for A level Psychology

I'm in year 13, studying Edexcel psychology at A level. Since most people do AQA, finding online resources has been a bit challenging. My teacher isn't the most helpful either, and reaching out to tutors has been tough because they mainly specialize in AQA (and if they do cover Edexcel, it's extremely expensive). I know that it's possible to well in psychology given that it's kind of a memory game, but it also means that you can get an extended response essay on any topic and so it takes so long writing essays or everything, especially as my teacher's feedback isn't the best when I ask her to mark answers. I want to achieve an A or A*, but I'm so far from it right now and so feel quite overwhelmed and unsure about what to do (especially as I have to commute 1.5-hours to college everyday)

Does anyone have any advice?
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