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If you could start a uni society what society would you start?

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Apocalypse Survival Club :biggrin:
Original post by sea bee
Apocalypse Survival Club :biggrin:

Hi there
Love this! If I was to attend this society what would occur at the first meeting?
Original post by Manchester Met - Student Rep


Oooh I can’t wait to read these, as more people post! At De Montfort University, I believe there is currently a Student Ambassador society in the works which would be great to hang out, outside of work with my colleagues and plan some fun events. I also, recently taught myself how to crochet so I would love if there was a society for this maybe we could help each other, make weekly projects sounds quite good to me

Anyone else got any ideas, or part of any unique societies at their university?

-Maddie, second year Health and well-being in society student at De Montfort University

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